There are some outstanding fan experiences in college football.  The warmth and welcoming nature of Clemson fans to their opponents is near the top.  Here at we’ve met some great fan bases (Kansas State & Notre Dame were also outstanding) and we’ve met some horrendous fan bases (looking at you West Virginia).  But there probably isn’t a more friendly  & fun experience for Louisville fans to travel to than Clemson.  And now it’s time for Cardinal fans to return the favor.

In some more scary environments (again WVU) it’s really not advisable to wear Cardinal red.  At Clemson, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WEAR CARDINAL RED.  “Welcome to Clemson” and the red carpet is rolled out for visitors who make the trip to Death Valley.  Tailgate invitations are aplenty, drinks are offered, food is served… must find it difficult to actually arrive at any planned event because so many different tailgates will stop and interact with opposing fans.

And that’s totally how this alumnus of the University of Louisville wants Clemson fans treated during their entire trip to Louisville (a bunch arrive today) and during their time at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.  Be LOUD and cheer for your team, but return the favor of a great experience in Clemson from a year earlier.  Clemson fans were fantastic a year ago and Tiger Fans should leave the Ville with the same experience.  Great football, Great fans.

That’s my challenge today & tomorrow.  Invite anyone wearing Orange (Louisville fans you should be wearing BLACK, it is a BLACKOUT) to your tailgate.  “Welcome to Louisville” should be followed by a beverage offering followed by whatever fare your tailgate is enjoying.  So tomorrow while you are packing for your tailgate, throw a few extra cold ones in the cooler because it’s your chance to represent UofL in the most positive way imaginable.  Win or lose invite those same folks back and make a plan to meet back up with them a year later in South Carolina.

The $2 Bill Tradition

Clemson fans travel. And when they arrive in the various cities during the course of a season they leave their mark financially by paying with various services with a $2 Bill with an Orange Tiger Paw stamped on it.

This comes from 1977 when Georgia Tech decided to stop playing football against the Tigers.  Clemson fans sought out the rarely used currency and stamped the bill with a Tiger Paw to demonstrate the economic impact of Clemson fans traveling into Atlanta.

Today the tradition lives on with Clemson fans who are traveling to Tiger’s away games routinely gather $2 bills (sometimes months in advance) and stamp them with a Tiger Paw.  For bowl season local banks in the Clemson area actually stock up on the bills because so many Tiger fans are headed to the bowl.

So if you see some $2 Bills around town or work in a service industry and receive a $2 bill with a Tiger Paw stamped on it, that’s a Clemson Tradition and the Tigers’ way of leaving their mark.

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