Paul shares some Cardinal stories from his 40 years with WHAS, and has even more locked in his head.  I will make sure we get these unlocked this year.  Here is an article I wrote for Voice-Tribune based on one of those meetings.


Paul Rogers has been the “Voice of the Cards” with WHAS for the better part of 40 years. His unmistakable voice, professional delivery, and consistent approach makes him one of the best in the business.

A lot has changed over the years with the higher availability of games on TV, internet, and mobile devices, but that hasn’t stopped Louisville fans interest in hearing Paul Rogers call a game when they can.  I caught up with Paul Rogers to unlock some stories from his 40 years on the job.

Rolling back to the early 70’s, Paul recalls being hired by radio legend Caywood Ledford.  “When I was in college, I sent him a few tapes to critique. In 1973, WHAS had an opening. I applied and when the phone rang, it was Caywood saying ‘Boy, you have really improved’. He called me in to talk, and was going on and on about all the things we were going to do. I was sitting there a little confused, so I had to ask him, ‘Am I hired?’ He was a great friend, mentor, and boss. He was a professional and a real gentleman.” As Paul spoke of Caywood, it was easy to see that he missed his good friend.


Read it all here, with pretty color photos:

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