This is as fair an unbiased as you will EVER see me folks. Catch it while you can. 2000+ words on the upcoming game, breaking down both teams.

Excerpt From Article

What UK Hopes For: Kentucky is hoping for a repeat of 2002. A favored Louisville team with a re-tooled offensive line was upset by Kentucky’s “hefty lefty,” Jerod Lorenzon, with a 22-17 victory in Louisville. The Kentucky defensive line took advantage of Louisville’s retooled offensive line to sack Dave Ragone three times, and rushed him on many more for an ineffective 14-39 passing with 1 TD and 1 INT.

What UL Hopes For: Louisville is hoping for a repeat of 2012. Jeremy Wright and Senorise Perry ran all over Kentucky and cruised out to a big lead. Midway through the 3rd quarter, coach strong put the brakes on, pulled Teddy Bridgewater, and they coasted to a 32-14 win and 2nd in a row in the series.


Read it all here, with pretty color pictures:

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