Things are beginning to become more and more clear for the Louisville Basketball roster and how the rotations might work out.  Adding Trey Lewis and Damion Lee to the mix injects a veteran quality to a very young roster.

Louisville now has just one scholarship remaining and Coach Pitino has stated that he will not take a player that will not make an impact in the 2015-16 season.

2015-16     2014-15
  Scholarship     Scholarship
1 Quentin Snider 1 Terry Rozier
2 Matz Stockman 2 Anton Gill
3 Jaylen Johnson 3 Quentin Snider
4 Mangok Mathiang 4 Chris Jones
5 Anas Mahmoud 5 Matz Stockman
6 Chinanu Onuaku 6 Jaylen Johnson
7 Donovan Mitchell 7 Mangok Mathiang
8 Deng Adel 8 Anas Mahmoud
9 Raymond Spalding 9 Shaqquan Aaron
10 Ryan McMahon 10 Akoy Agau
11 Trey Lewis 11 Montrezl Harrell
12 Damion Lee 12 Wayne Blackshear
13 ???? 13 Chinanu Onuaku
Walk-Ons Walk-Ons
Dillon Avare Dillon Avare
David Levitch David Levitch
Trent Gilbert

Point Guard
1) Trey Lewis 6’2, 190, Sr. – 35,4 mins, 16.3 pts, 4.4 rebs, 2.9 ast, 1.2 steals
2) Quentin Snider 6’2, 180, Soph. – 16.4 mins, 4.1 pts, 1.3 ast
3) Ryan McMahon 5-11, 165, Fr.
4) Dillon Avare 6’0, 150, Soph. – 0.5 mins, 0.5 pts, 0 ast, 0.5 rebs

Shooting Guard

1) Donovan Mitchell 6’3, 180, Fr.
2) David Levitch 6’3, 180, Jr.

Small Forward

1) Damion Lee 6’6, 200, Sr. – 38.1 mins, 21.4 pts, 6.1 rebs, 2.3 ast, 1.5 steals.
2) Deng Adel 6’7, 185, Fr.

Power Forward
1) Jaylen Johnson 6’9, 215, Soph. – 4.6 mins, 1.3 pts, 1.2 rebs OR
1) Anas Mahmoud 7’0, 200, Soph. – 7.9 mins, 1.2 pts, 1.4 rebs
3) Raymond Spalding 6’9, 200, Fr.

1) Mangok Mathiang 6-10, 220, Jr. – 18.7 mins, 2.6 pts, 4.7 rebs, 1.4 blocks OR
1) Chinanu Onuaku 6-10, 230, Soph. – 17.8 mins, 3.0, 4.6 rebs, 1.2 blocks
3) Matz Stockman 7-0, 240, Soph- 3.4 mins, 0.5 pts, 2.8 rebs, 1.0 blocks


Louisville needed help on the perimeter and got it.

Now the Cards have a clear cut rotation at the guard spots with Trey Lewis, Quentin Snider and Donovan Mitchell handling the 1 & 2 spots.

Louisville at the 2-3 positions can also rotation Donovan Mitchell and Damion Lee at the two spot with Damion Lee and Deng Adel rotating at the 3.  This ability to switch players around will allow the Cards to create problems and match various line-ups that Louisville will see in the ACC.

The Bigs are still yet to be determined but at Power Forward there are 3 very bright spots.  Jaylen Johnson has drawn rave reviews and his limited minutes left fans wanting more late during 2014-15 season.  A summer here (Jaylen arrived to campus late this year with an eligibility issue) will do Johnson WONDERS.  Great attitude, great potential.  The problem at Power Forward is finding time between two high potential players…..Anas Mahmoud flashed a GREAT DEAL of game when given the opportunity and his skill set suggest that he would be best suited at the Power Forward spot.  He also could play Center if necessary.  Incoming freshman Raymond Spalding also could play Center if needed and many believe that Raymond will come in right away and make an impact.  If that is the case, Louisville has 3 extremely solid 4-men that also could play in other positions.  Development to this group is the key.

The Center spot is a little more tricky.  Louisville has gotten very little offensively out of the Center spot since Gorgui Dieng’s departure at the end of 2013.  At one point during the 2014-15 season, Louisville was 350th (out of 351) in Center Offensive Production.  That MUST change.  Mangok Mathiang gives the program everything he has and plays with great energy.  Mangok needs to work on his ball-handling and finishing around the rim.  Mathiang can shoot 50% from the foul line and be acceptable if he is finishing lay-ups…something he didn’t do this year.  Chinanu Onuaku is more gifted, but plays basketball with two limitations:  Focus & Conditioning.  Onuaku isn’t suited to be an offensive juggernaut, but his rebounding, ball-handling, and passing make him a more dangerous offensive player.  But Nanu would mentally check out at times and others it would seem that he was playing on an empty tank.  This is a HUGE off-season for Nanu.   The big question mark is Matz Stockman. Rick Pitino reports that Stockman’s game is going to be tremendous, but he didn’t play Matz because of the language barrier with the scouting report.  When given the opportunity Matz played well.  I’m very much interested in seeing how he develops in a year.


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