Yards Rank
Louisville Rushing Offense 144.63 90th
FSU Rushing Defense 146.57 49th

Florida State’s Rushing Defense allows 146.57 yards on the season and has held opponents to an average of 13 yards less than what opponents have averaged for the season thus far in 2014, or about 94%.  Only Oklahoma State & Wake Forest were able to go over their season averages, with Wake Forest being such a paltry number that it shouldn’t even count.  But this is a stat evaluation.

The two most recent games the Seminoles have allowed over 150 yards on the ground and have also done so in 4 of 6 games vs. FBS opponents.

Louisville on average gains 144.63 yards per game on the ground and has averaged about 24.4 yards LESS or 81.39% of what opponents typically allow.  The Cards have been all over the map in both who they use at Running Back and production ranging from a low of just 12 yards vs. Florida International to a high of 215 vs. Wake Forest.  The Cards have been over 160 yards in 3 of its last 4 contests on the ground.Just using stat guesses we should expect Louisville to gain anywhere from 119-135 yards on Thursday Night.The reality is that Louisville is heavily skewed by both extremes of high & low on the season, While FSU has been mostly static throughout the season.

Still it will be interesting to watch to see if Louisville can break out of the suggested range or if they even play below it.  With Michael Dyer running like he did last Saturday I’d trend this one higher also given FSU’s recent rushing defense performances.  We’ll see.

Rushing Offense Florida State Allowed vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg
Oklahoma St 156.25 161 4.75 103.04%
Clemson 140.75 101 -39.75 71.76%
NC State 180.75 161 -19.75 89.07%
Wake Forest 34.5 40 5.5 115.94%
Syracuse 179 156 -23 87.15%
Notre Dame 162.86 157 -5.86 96.40%
Average -13.02 93.89%
Rushing Defense Louisville Gained vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg
Miami (FL) 147.63 130 -17.63 88.06%
Virginia 100.38 79 -21.38 78.70%
FIU 155.38 12 -143.38 7.72%
Wake Forest 178.5 215 36.5 120.45%
Syracuse 131.75 178 46.25 135.10%
Clemson 101.38 52 -49.38 51.29%
NC State 187.75 166 -21.75 88.42%
Average -24.4 81.39%
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