Yards Rank
Louisville Passing Offense 225.8 72nd
FSU Passing Defense 227.9 63rd

The Seminoles allow 227.9 yards per game through the air and typically allow about 16 yards or 105% of what opponents typically have done throughout the season.  Twice this season FSU has limited opponents UNDER its season average, Oklahoma State & Wake Forest.  All other games the Seminoles have allowed opponents to gain more yardage than the season average.

Four of six games FSU opponents have been able to throw for over 250 yards in 4 of 6 games, with a low effort of just 86 yards gained by Wake Forest.  Without Wake (although the game did happen) Florida State has allowed 287.4 yards per game through the air which would rank the Noles just in front of Tulsa at 115th in passing defense.  FSU has played 3 of 6 teams in the Top 50 in passing offense, and 2 teams in the Top 30.

Louisville has used two QBs for most of the season, but the results really haven’t been too erratic.  One thing that IS very interesting when you look at Louisville’s opponents are that of the 7 FBS games the Cards have played UofL has faced FIVE teams in the Top 35 in passing defense.Also very interesting is that despite Louisville’s low output through the air in 2014 Louisville has actually gained more than its opponents have allowed by 21 yards per game or 113%.  In fact, the Clemson Tigers are the best secondary the Cards have faced in 2014 and the Cards actually gained 44.7 more yards than Clemson allows, with Miami just behind and Louisville gaining about more yards than average against the Hurricanes.

With DeVante Parker back in the fold for the Cards Louisville has a big opportunity against a Florida State secondary that is struggling due to a lack of pressure on the QB.  Louisville MUST protect Will Gardner to gain an advantage here, and protect the football as the Seminoles do a great job of forcing fumbles.

Based on current ranges Louisville should see anywhere from 239-258 yards through the air on Saturday.

Passing Offense Florida State Allowed vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg
Oklahoma St 246 203 -43 82.52%
Clemson 291 306 15 105.15%
NC State 225.5 359 133.5 159.20%
Wake Forest 179 86 -93 48.04%
Syracuse 197.8 256 58.2 129.42%
Notre Dame 285.1 313 27.9 109.79%
Average 16.43 105.69%
Passing Defense Louisville Gained vs. Deviation from Avg. % Gained of Avg
Miami (FL) 171.6 206 34.4 120.05%
Virginia 236.3 203 -33.3 85.91%
FIU 188 324 136 172.34%
Wake Forest 179.8 206 26.2 114.57%
Syracuse 227.9 174 -53.9 76.35%
Clemson 167.3 212 44.7 126.72%
NC State 206.9 203 -3.9 98.12%
Average 21.46 113.44%
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