Last year I started TVT because people were down on Luke early on. I could see he was contributing, just not scoring. As fans, we tend to focus on points. I factor 10 statistical categories that can either benefit or harm the team, and come up with a score (or team value) for each player.

Thus TVT was born.


TVT = True Value to the Team. Add up all the good stats, subtract out all the bad stats, and divide by minutes played. The end result gives you the number of positive contributions per minute a player gives you when he steps on the court. As the season goes on, I will continue with game and season averages. It also does a pretty good job of telling you how a player will do based on the type of match-up we face.

TVT Box-score: UMKC


Player Notes

  • Chane Behanan gave maximum effort, and was rewarded.  His TVT score was 1.37.  Chane’s last high score was a 1.0 vs. Michigan, and the last player to outscore Chane’s 1.37  was Dieng against Duke in the Elite 8 (1.38).
  • Largely outstanding production for the team.  Only Ware struggling to get back on track. 12 guys over 0.40 production which is very high.
  • Mathiang steady with his production lately, and Agau had a big game for his time on the court.  It’s a process, we have all year to get Mathiang and Agau the development they need.
  • Rozier was rewarded with more minutes and was more productive – again.  If it feels good, do it again. Jones only had 2 assists.  It’s funny, when he comes off the bench seems to have a score first mentality.
  • Russ had a TWILL-Esque stat line. 10-11-6-3.  That bumped him up to the top of TVT for this year after this game.

Team Notes

  • In 10 statistical categories I track, Louisville won all 10.  Domination.
  • Louisville had 35% more O-rebounds, 28% more total rebounds.  Louisville rebounded 50% of their misses.  Pretty high number, so were the number of misses against a weak squad, but I digress.
  • 3rd TVT=Tracked game in a row with Louisville shooting under 45%.
  • Louisville improved to 70% FT shooting, over their 50% outing against Southern Miss.
  • TVT Team average skyrocketed to 0.76 vs. their Southern miss score of 0.59.  To be expected.
  • Dishing the rock.  Another step up in Assists with 19 compared to 16 vs. Southern Miss.

My Thoughts

I know it was “only 62 points”, but this was a significantly worse team than Southern miss where Cards gave up 38.  Giving up 50% more points is telling me that we don’t have consistent game in and game out focus.  It’s November, I will give them a pass – but i am watching it.  Other troubling stat.  They shot a higher % than us.  We need to buckle down soon.  That will not fly against tougher opponents.

Rozier gets 2nd start in a row, and it is helping his confidence.  He has had 2 back to back solid TVT scores (.58 & .60).  To compare to last years team, if he kept this up he is on par with Harrell’s contributions last year.

Distraction Watch:  Behanan and Ware had a good week staying out of the newspapers.  Behanan had a monster game, Ware still very much MIA with contributions this year.  He is coming back from injury, so we are ok with that.

Next up, LA Lafayette – yet another team that won’t prepare us for Kentucky, but hopefully we can work out some kinks.  Also, get some guys more confidence that need it.  Baby Steps, it’s a long season.

Go Cards.


This Year’s Team Averages


Last Year’s Team Averages

See how value has improved, declined or just compare the teams overall TVT to 2012

Look at the amount of people over .40.  That is a good depth barometer for production & team depth.  That means they are producing a positive stat –  offsetting any negative production  – about ever 2.5 minutes on the court.

There are things that I can’t track, like “general defensive mayhem from speed”.  Something that Ware provides.



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