Thursday Night is a huge game for the University of Louisville Football program.  And one of the questions that keeps coming up is whether or not the UofL Faithful should storm the field at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium in the event that the Cards pull off the victory over the Seminoles.

On one hand I do see the argument against storming.  Louisville has won a Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowl in its history and put THREE 1st Round Picks into the NFL a year ago.

On the other hand, this IS the University of Louisville’s 1st year in a power conference, the Cards are outside the Top 25 and the program has yet to win a national championship.  Just this weekend, LSU rushed the field when the Tigers beat #3 ranked Ole Miss.  LSU plays in a stadium that seats over 100K, the Tigers have won 3 National Championships, and boasts a Heisman Trophy.  If LSU can storm…..Louisville can storm.

But don’t get me wrong.  Louisville isn’t going to storm after a tough loss (ahem Kentucky) or when it beats an unranked team (ahem Kentucky) or after beats a team after a more than 2 decade drought when that team is also unranked……..(again, Kentucky).

Louisville has stormed the field three times in its history.  First in 2002 against #4 Florida State and then twice in in 2006 when the Cards beat #15 Miami and #3 West Virginia.  The program is much different now than it was then and the accomplishments over the past decade are remarkable……but Louisville fans aren’t above rushing the field and celebrating a great win with the football team.

If the Cards are ever going to meet at “The Bird” it’s going to be after a win that breaks the 23-game winning streak of the defending National Champions, Heisman Trophy winner, in the 1st season of the ACC. So I say if Louisville is able to tilt the scoreboard on Thursday Night, jump the wall responsibly, celebrate with pride and enjoy one of the most sacred traditions of college football…..just make sure to hit the collection plate on your way off the field to help pay the ACC fine.

See you at the Bird.

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