The University of Louisville Football squad will travel to Raleigh, NC for a Saturday night contest versus the NC Stat Wolfpack. NC State is 4-5 on the season and currently on a 3-game losing streak. The Wolfpack owns wins over East Carolina, Western Carolina, Syracuse and Ball State and have lost to West Virginia, Florida State, Boston College, Wake Forest and Clemson.

This is a young NC State team that has been impacted by a lot of veteran leaders leaving to the NFL and coaches, like Dwayne Ledford moving on from the program for promotions. NC State is in rebuild mode and their young recruiting class from a year ago is still in development.

The stats:

Louisville NC State
Strength of Schedule (Sagarin)20th67th
Scoring Offense (ppg)32.1 (49th)23.2 (104th)
Total Offense (ypg)450.3 (28th)382.2 (84th)
Passing Offense (ypg)237.8 (59th)235.8 (62nd)
Rushing Offense (ypg)212.56 (26th)146.44 (89th)
Scoring Defense (ppg)34.1 (112th)28.7 (76th)
Total Defense (ypg)438.3 (101st)382.9 (58th)
Passing Defense (ypg)258.6 (104th)249.8 (97th)
Rushing Defense (ypg)179.78 (88th)133.11 (36th)
Punt Returns (ypr)11.86 (22nd)14.36 (9th)
Kickoff Returns (ypr)29.1 (3rd)17.21 (114th)
Opponent Punt Returns (ypr)5.4 (38th)6.7 (58th)
Opponent Kickoff Return (ypr)23.19 (103rd)20.33 (61st)
Punting (ypp)41.88 (68th)46.63 (8th)
Field Goal %72.7% (67th)84.2% (31st)
Opponent FG %50.00% (2nd)75.0% (72nd)
First Downs (per game)20.1 (88th)21.2 (66th)
Opponent First Downs (per game)21.6 (80th)21.6 (80th)
Penalties (ypg)60.6 (84th)54.4 (65th)
Turnover Margin (season)-3 (86th)-8 (121st)
Time of Possession31:31.44 (32nd)29:21.00 (79th)
Sacks (Per Game)2.11 (66th)3.22 (12th)
Tackles for Loss (Per Game)6.11 (61st)7.33 (20th)
Sacks Allowed (Per Game)3.00 (113th)1.67 (46th)
Tackles for Loss Allowed (Per Game)10.11 (130th)5.89 (69th)
Interceptions Gained (season)6 (83rd)3 (127th)
Passes Defended (per game)4.56 (43rd)4.89 (33rd)
Fumbles Recovered (season)6 (53rd)2 (128th)
Fumbles Forced (season)9 (30th)5 (94th)
Fumbles Lost (season)8 (98th)7 (75th)
Interceptions Lost (Season)7 (61st)6 (41st)
Kick/Punts Blocked (season)1 (52nd)
3rd Down Conversion %39.34% (75th)34.53% (109th)
4th Down Conversion %58.82% (42nd)40.00% (105th)
Opponent 3rd Down Conversion %36.59% (47th)37.96% (56th)
Opponent 4th Down Conversion %38.46% (19th)62.5% (105th)
Red Zone Conversion %81.82% (77th)85.71% (54th)
Red Zone TD Conversion %66.67% (37th)51.43% (104th)
Red Zone Trips33 (72nd)35 (67th)
Opponent Red Zone Conversion %83.33% (66th)88.89% (112th)
Opponent Red Zone TD Conversion %77.78% (127th)63.89% (87th)
Opponent Red Zone Trips36 (79th)36 (79th)
Kickoffs (ypk)61.3 (67th)62.81 (35th)
Plays610 (93rd)664 (41st)
Yards Per Play6.64 (19th)5.18 (102nd)
Yads Per Play Allowed6.15 (97th)5.2 (39th)
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