Strength of Schedule (Ken Pom)305th181st
PPG74.5 (137th)90.2 (4th)
Avg Scoring Margin0.8 (174th)16.7 (12th)
Field Goal %41.8% (255th)49.5% (16th)
Effective FG%46.3% (294th)57.2% (13th)
2-pt FG %47.3% (264th)54.8% (52nd)
3-pt FG %29.4% (305th)40.8% (5th)
FT %73.8% (85th)72.7% (122nd)
Team Fouls Per Game18.2 (242nd)14.6 (31st)
Opp Team Fouls Per Game20.5 (28th)16.6 (239th)
FT Attempted Per Game25.4 (23rd)18.7 (212th)
Opp FT Attempted Per Game20.0 (212th)17.6 (111th)
Opp Shooting %44.6% (214th)42.3% (116th)
Opp Effective FG%49.7% (170th)49.5% (163rd)
Opp 2-pt FG %53.3% (270th)49.9% (167th)
Opp 3-Pt FG %28.7% (32nd)32.7% (152nd)
Rebound Rate52.3% (90th)51.8% (110th)
Assists Per Game10.7 (297th)19.1 (9th)
Turnovers Per Game12.6 (192nd)9.4 (14th)
Blocks Per Game3.3 (170th)5.2 (27th)
Steals Per Game5.7 (273rd)9.2 (22nd)
Opp Turnovers Per Game12.5 (165th)14.9 (45th)
Opp Blocks Per Game3.8 (256th)2.9 (96th)
Opp Steals Per Game6.4 (136th)5.6 (67th)
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