So we play Kentucky Friday – no big deal right?

While it will be stressful for both fan bases this week (and one fan base next week), there is nothing stopping you from being proud of the nation’s best rivalry with NONE of the STRESS with this glorious DVD.

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About the movie

In The Rivalry: Red V. Blue, we are documenting the story of what is now undisputedly regarded as the most competitive rivalry in college basketball at almost the perfect time. We had our cameras and microphones in New Orleans in March 2012 for the NCAA Final Four clash between the Cards and the Wildcats. We were in Atlanta in March 2013 to record the University of Louisville’s first National Championship since 1986. Our incredible fan footage captures the passion and pride of the supporters of both these programs in a dynamic and electrifying fashion and distills the essence of a singular and unique rivalry in the way only a movie can.

RedvBlue Trailer

Red V. Blue: Official Theatrical Trailer from Rory Owen Delaney on Vimeo.

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