We have hit 5 post season games, so I am kicking out a TVT to show how this team has re-defined itself.  Literally overnight they have turned their season long production averages upside down.

TVT:  net positive production per minute.  Add up the good stuff, subtract the bad stuff, divide by minutes played.  Breaks every player down to a single number – “When you play for 1 minute, you gain the cardinals “x” net positive contributions per minute.  If you had a score of 1.0, that would be 1 net positive stat per minute.  that is hard to do.  .40, means you contribute a net positive stat in just over 2 minutes.


The most insane change in production? Team average has sky-rocketed.

  • Overall Season TVT- team average: 0.51 production per min
  • OOC schedule TVT – team average: 0.53 production per min
  • Conference Season TVT – team average:  0.48 production per min

Pretty Consistant right?  Look at the number below.  Insane.

  • Post season average TVT – team average:  0.65 production per min

Comparison graph by Category + Last five games by individual



  • All season long the top 3 has been: Dieng, Smith, Behanan – look who is crashing the party in the post season.  Answer: everyone. 
  • SVT is benefitting from a 2 minute game where he had 2 rebounds.  He is higher than he should be, but per minute – its a true stat.  He certainly is providing great minutes and nobody would disagree.
  • Behanan is down 30+% from his season averages, but he is consistantly delivering on his new average.  Could be a factor of others steal production because of our insanely high team average.  I am sure he wil lhave a big game soon, Chane doesn’t stay quiet for long.
  • The most telling stat of how good this team is playing is this; Luke Hancock is LAST on teh team in production per minute, and we know how happy we are with his play.  The team is on a level he haven’t seen all year and one we knew it could reach.

Game prediction:  Cards 78, Ducks 71.  Pitino challenges Dieng on the glass, he responds.  Dieng goes for double digit rebounds (he has been only averaging 5 in NCAA so far).

Go Cards.

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