The team is in a dark place right now. Interviewing folks in the locker room post game it was clear, Trez and Hancock are fed up with the team not playing defense. Trez mad, and Luke looked like he didn’t even want to talk about it.

  • The statement from Trez was simple. We don’t need to focus on offense, we are good at offense, the scoring is there. We need to focus on defense because its killing us.
  • Luke’s message was about attention to detail. The team must focus on their individual rolls so the team as a whole improves on D.

Luke (0.70) & Trez (0.59) by all accounts had statistically decent production for the Cards, although Trez was well below his average.

Jones had his worst game of the year, at (-0.03), and for the past 11 games, that is good for EIGHTH most productive player on the team per minute. He carries a much higher reputation, but facts are facts – he is 8th.

Rozier continues to produce at a consistent rate (0.57), and has now climbed the team rankings to 6th most productive.

This is the type of team that will drive Pitino crazy, because everyone will become a coach to solve the problems, and only one in the group (Rick) – is in the Hall of Fame.  So here we come Rick, all the smart people to help you solve team issues.  🙂

Memphis Per Minute Production Scores

Players listed in order or highest to lowest productivity per minute (TVT/Min)

Quick Hits

  • Cards actually held their own on the glass – encouraging.
  • Lowest team productivity score in past 11 games (0.44), including UNC (0.52) and UK (0.46) losses.
  • Cards could have easily won this game, many categories even between the two teams.   Luke’s attention to detail comment fits here.  Do the little things right, win the close games.
  • Mathiang – #4 most productive player on the team (quite good) – lost some minutes in this game – only 10 – , and wasn’t productive with what he had.  In fact, his worst game in last 11.

Team Rankings: Season (past 11 games)

You can see their season rankings, but I also list their scores per game below.  The per minute production metric is TVT/Min.


Go Cards.  Go Sad and Mad Cards.



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