The NCAA has responded to the University of Louisville’s defense that Rick Pitino did monitor the basketball program adequately.  The NCAA’s 118 page response was received by the university last Friday states that Pitino failed to demonstrate that he closely monitored Andre McGee, asked pointed questions, solicit honest feedback, ensure that monitoring systems were functioning or perform frequent spot-checks.

This response was the next step in a hearing that should take place within the next 90 days between the NCAA’s Enforcement Staff, the NCAA Infractions Committee & UofL.  After that hearing the university should learn whether or not there will be further infractions as a result of Andre McGee’s behavior which UofL has called ‘shameful & wrong’.  Also in the response is a response where the NCAA states that provided sex acts to a prospective student athlete is a severe violation no matter what the cost of those sex acts were “whether $80 or $120”.

UofL imposed a post-season ban for the 2015-16 season and reduced its number of scholarships for the 2016-17 season.

Read the entire NCAA Response Here. 

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