Let’s take a look at the production per minute of the top players.  That is…when they play 1 minute – what is the percentage likelihood they will register the all important stat.  Helpful to know depending on the game circumstance who your team leaders are for various phases of the game.

Here are the team leaders (top 6)


Does it surprise you that Onuaku and Jones are #1 in the most categories? Ironically, they are listed as #1 AND #2 in turnovers but looks like they provide plenty of help in other departments.

Team: Looking at the top 6 per minute contributors, it raises some interesting questions. What is your lineup if we need some boards, some stops, some buckets. The quandary this year seems to be – some are better at O, some at D, and not as many are well-rounded to be good in both areas like in past years teams. Where does that leave us? Apparently #10 in the country and 16-3, so I guess that will do.

Guards: Rozier seems to be the most likely to get us a bucket. Jones more likely to get the assist, and they are equal at getting to the line and steals. Jones Looking at the raw stats below, we can see that Jones does a pretty good job at PG when focused as he has (+28) more assists than turnovers vs Rozier’s (+7) and Snider’s (+9). Although Snider does have the most impressive ratio at 2-1. Great to see from a frosh.

Bigs: Onuaku narrowly leads rebounds, offensive rebounds, and blocks – but can’t seem to hold onto the ball as his TO rate is the highest. You can see why sometimes Pitino slides with Mangok – produces nearly identical stats with less TO’s.   Mahmoud is everywhere on the leaderboard, but nothing really sticks out. When he learns to run at “multiple speeds” I think you will see a big jump. He still looks like he is on a nice little jog when he plays. He’ll learn.

Wings: Blackshear. Until we get someone taking more minutes, hard to compare him with anyone.


Season To Date

This is % chance that a player produces 1 statistic (of that type) in 1 minute of play.

Make your own favorite lineups for “the comeback”, “maintaining the lead”, “shut the boards down” and more.  This is what they have done for the cards this year, season to date.


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