On the same day that a taped Katina Powell interview hit the airwaves on ABC’s Good Morning America, Sportscenter, Mike & Mike, and Outside the Lines a Jeff Goodman, John Barr, and CL Brown report has found that 5 former Louisville Basketball Players and recruits say that they attended parties from 2010-2014 that included strippers paid for by Andre McGee.  One of the players said: “I knew they weren’t college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club.”

Read the entire ESPN story here. 

There are details in the ESPN piece that detail how McGee set up the dancers and how they would work ‘side deals’ for sex. One unnamed player acknowledged to ESPN that he had sex after Andre McGee paid.

Perhaps the biggest piece of information is that ESPN independently verified text messages between Powell & McGee relating to Antonio Blakeney’s visit during July 2014 when Andre McGee was under the employment of UMKC.  ESPN also confirmed that a Western Union payment came from McGee to Powell which is alleged to have been to pay for Katina’s services in conjunction with Antonio Blakeney’s visit.  Powell claims her daughter Shay had sex with Antonio Blakeney and Katina herself had sex with Blakeney’s father who was with him on the trip.

Additionally ESPN spoke with Lindsay Powell, Katina Powell’s daughter, on camera who claims that she exchanged sex for money with Russ Smith.  Rod-Ni Powell also spoke to ESPN on camera who claims that she had sex with Montrezl Harrell for “100, maybe a little more”.

At this time, UofL is withholding comment until its investigation with Chuck Smrt & the NCAA is complete saying: “To preserve the integrity of the review process, the university will withhold comment on any details until review is concluded.”

Katina Powell’s attorney, Larry Wilder will meet with UofL’s general counsel at 3:00 today and Andre McGee’s attorney Scott Cox told WDRB’s Eric Crawford that he may release a statement later today.

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