We didn’t know it at the time, but a year ago today the magic that fueled a furious athletic run at the Unviersity of Louisville took place in the form of a 5 OVERTIME loss in South Bend, IN to Notre Dame.

Coach Pitino credited the loss’ emotion and his post-game speech that his team would go on to win 16 in a row and would win the national championship.  The Football team had already finished 11-2 and won the Sugar Bowl, but most fans really believe that the magic of The Year of the Cardinal stemmed from that cold February evening in South Bend and carried over to the Women’s Basketball team, who would finish 9-5 but found themselves in the National Championship game, and eventually over to the Baseball team who finished their season in the College World Series.

In the last 365 days here are the records of each of the programs that play their opponent head to head (not Cross Country, Track & Field, Swimming, Golf, etc. that go against several schools in one event):

After 2-9-2013 Wins Losses
Basketball 36 4
Football 12 1
Baseball 51 14
Soccer 11 5
WBB 32 6
Softball 49 14
Volleyball 23 8
Women’s Soccer 12 5
Field Hockey 15 5
Lacrosse 11 6
252 68

Whatever you were doing, wherever you were, even down to the detail of what you ate, drank, and where you sat……..make sure you do that again today. The future of Cardinal Athletics depends on it……or maybe not. Happy Anniversary Cardinal Fans.

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