Who says listening to ESPN680/93.9 The Ville can’t be a tailgate all on its own?  Not us.

The Crunch Zone is NOT teaming up with ESPN/93.9 The Ville  to bring you the new Pre/Post Game radio show drinking game.

Listen in and drink your face off.  Well, actually, our lawyers have asked us to say “drink your face off responsibly”.   We will mix it up a little each week, so check in every Saturday.

Samford Edition

Easy Money (or, common expressions)

  • “Who do you think will start at QB?” – 1 sip
  • “It will be interesting to see.” – 1 sip
  • “Absolutely.” – 1 sip
  • Any reference to Offensive Line. – 1 sip

When a Stranger Calls (or, caller behaviors)

  • The caller who drops before they get on the air. – 2 sips
  • The caller who leaves the radio on while talking on the air. – 2 sips
  • A UK fan calling in pretending to be a UL fan. – 2 sips
  • When the caller who first says “How are you doing?” – 2 sips

Mrs Doubtire (or, angered callers)

  • “They need to play (any player) more.” – 4 sips
  • “The refs were terrible.” – 4 sips
  • “Is it basketball season?” – 4 sips
  • Anything negative about the Party Deck. – 4 sips

Foul Play (or, come on man!)

  • Pronouncing Lefors as Leflors – 4 sips
  • Any mention of Kentucky Football – 4 sips

Miss Congeniality (or, happy callers)

  • “It’s a great day to be a card/cardinal” = 1 sip
  • This win could be the turning point for the team/season” = 1 sip
  • “Go Cards” – 1 sip

Amazon Women On The Moon (or, things not likely to happen)

  • Ennis saying “Don’t think UL played well, but I like pickles”. – 4 sips
  • Ennis belting out lyrics to “I want your sex” to open show. – 4 sips.
  • Any mention of Jared Stillman. – 4 sips

Drink Responsible, don’t drink and drive.

Go Cards








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