Upon the final bye week of the Louisville Cardinal Football season Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson, RB Coach Kenny Carter and WR Damian Copeland met with the media following their Tuesday evening practice. Here are some news and notes from what took place:

-Shawn Watson on WR Devante Parker who was -surprisingly- limited to one catch USF:

“If you watch his play, he’s not doing things the way he wants to do it. But he’s getting better every week. Like this week he’s better than he was last week – because his strength is coming back. His mobility was back last week. But the strength is the big thing – getting his arm up fast. He’s getting better every day. Today he was really good out here.”

-By the sound of it, Louisville’s practice today was intense coupled with lots and lots of special teams practice.

-The main difference for Dominique Brown now as opposed to beginning of the year? Simple as comfort, RB Coach Kenny Carter noted. He explained that Brown is ‘getting back to what he needs to do and not worrying about competing with others’.

-Shawn Watson noted that Kai De La Cruz would ‘definitely’ play in Louisville’s next game against UConn.

-Damian Copeland said that his favorite players on the 2013 Louisville Cardinal Basketball team are Russ Smith and Luke Hancock. Russ Smith because ‘he’s different’ and Luke Hancock because National Championship.

-Kenny Carter says that Louisville will ‘continue to ride hot hand’ within the RB Rotation. The rotation will continue but the ‘hot hand’ will prevail with carries.

-Three players jumped out to Shawn Watson in Saturdays win against Saturday: LG Ryan Mack, QB Teddy Bridgewater, and RB Dominique Brown. The last two are self-explanatory, the Mack reference is positive to hear now that Nacho Garcia is out for unspecified time with injury. Kam Joyer and Chris Acosta will shore up the RG spot, Watson still gives edge to Acosta.

-Kenny Carter on Dominique Brown’s catching abilities:

“He was a Quarterback (LIKE A LOT OF PLAYERS ON LOUISVILLE’S ROSTER). He had the ball skills so we wanted to do everything to extenuate that. The thing that is more important that he does, aside from catching, is what he does after the Catch with the tight turns and attacking defenders.”

-Asked Copeland if he’s been able to realize that end of his Senior season is quickly approaching:

“Yes. I think I’m having a great season. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. But we still got a lot of football to be played”

Side note: Copeland is one of the most passionate individuals about football that I’ve had the privilege of covering, his contributions – on and off the football- will surely be missed once he departs.

*Look for a story about Louisville’s newest Fullback – Lamar Atkins.



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