#16 Washington vs. #2 Oregon:  The Huskies narrowly missed knocking off Stanford in Palo Alto last week.  That would have been HUGE.  But now UW has a loss and they can do everyone a favor by knocking off the ducks in Seattle.

#25 Missouri @ #7 Georgia:  Undefeated Missouri?  What is happening in the SEC East?  The Tigers are fresh off a TROUNCING of Vanderbilt on the road and now must face an even bigger test this week in Athens.  UGA has been put through the ringer and narrowly escaped in Knoxville last week.  Missouri could get the Bulldogs in a vulnerable place on Saturday.

#17 Florida @ #10 LSU: The Gators are an entirely different team with Tyler Murphy at Quarterback.  LSU flirted with disaster before pulling away from Mississippi State last week.  The Tigers will get to test the Gators passing Defense in a day game in Baton Rouge.  Either way, one of these two teams leaves with two-losses.  Louisville fans want the 2-loss team to be LSU as they have both A&M and Alabama left on the schedule……if Florida beats LSU we are ALL Tiger fans the rest of the way.

Utah vs. #5 Stanford:  The Utes almost took down UCLA at home last week and the Cardinal escaped at home vs. Washington.  Utah is better than its 3-2 record and this game being at altitude and on the road could be dangerous for the Trees.  Stanford should win, but the Utes are capable.

Ole Miss vs. #9 Texas A&M: The Rebels have dropped two straight to Bama & Auburn.  Ole Miss gets the Aggies at home in a night game and they are tougher than their 3-2 record.  A&M allows points so Ole Miss should be prepared to match.  This game is intriguing to Card fans.

Texas vs. #12 Oklahoma:  The Sooners have been tested a few times already this season.  At the Texas State Fair this Saturday their old Longhorn foe is wounded…..but fresh off a tight victory on the road in Ames.  UT’s defense is pretty bad, but Oklahoma’s offense isn’t THAT inspiring.  I think the Longhorns have a legitimate shot here, it would help the Cards out if the Sooners go down.

Arkansas vs. #14 South Carolina:  The Razorbacks have dropped 3 in a row: Rutgers, A&M, and Florida. Now they host a Gamecock squad that beat Kentucky at home by 7.  Arkansas getting back on track and giving USC a loss wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

Kentucky vs. #1 Alabama:  The Crimson Tide rolls into Lexington and the Cats don’t have a chance.  But if UK ever decided that they wanted to help the Cards and shake some things up this would certainly be the time.  But it’s not going to happen.

Kansas St. vs. #15 Baylor: The Bears are undefeated and their gaudy numbers are starting to make national media chirp that Baylor is better than Louisville.  A loss would end that chatter, and help in the computer polls.

Penn State vs. #18 Michigan: The Wolverines hanging around undefeated isn’t good for the Cards.  The national media and coaches don’t believe Michigan is an elite team, but beating Penn State in State College might perk some ears.  The Nittany Lions need to win this game and give the world one less undefeated team.

Boston College @ #3 Clemson:  The BC Eagles aren’t beating Clemson inside Tiger territory, but Cards can dream.

Cal @ #11 UCLA:  The Golden Bears have little chance to beat the Bruins this season, but it wouldn’t upset a person in Louisville if an upset in the Rose Bowl happened this weekend.

Houston vs. Memphis:  Houston is one of 17 undefeated teams left in college football. Both of these teams are left on the Cardinals’ schedule, but Memphis is a lost cause.  Houston could potentially lend credibility to the Louisville schedule.

Ohio vs. Central Michigan: The more games that 4-1 Ohio wins the better it is for the Cards.

  Coaches Harris A&H Billingsley Colley Massey Sagarin Wolfe
1 Alabama Alabama Stanford Stanford Alabama Oregon
2 Oregon Clemson Alabama Florida St Oregon Alabama
3 Ohio State Florida State Oklahoma Clemson Florida St Florida State
4 Clemson Stanford Ohio State Alabama LSU Baylor
5 Stanford Oklahoma Clemson Oklahoma Clemson LSU
6 Florida State Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Clemson
7 Georgia UCLA Oregon Missouri Stanford Oklahoma
8 Louisville Ohio State LSU Ohio St Texas A&M Stanford
9 Texas A&M Miami, FL South Carolina Miami, FL Missouri Texas A&M
10 Oklahoma Oregon Michigan Oregon Florida Louisville
11 LSU Missouri Texas A&M Michigan UCLA Washington
12 South Carolina Baylor Northern Illinois UCLA Miami, FL Georgia
13 UCLA Michigan Florida State Texas Tech Baylor Florida
14 Auburn Louisville Baylor Ohio St UCLA
15 LSU Notre Dame LSU Oklahoma Ohio State
16 Texas UCLA VT Washington Texas Tech
17 South Carolina Baylor Auburn Texas Tech
18 Florida Northern Illinois Virginia Tech
19 Virginia Tech Fresno St South Carolina
20 Northern Illinois Louisville Louisville
21 Fresno State South Carolina Auburn
22 Washington State Washington Arizona St
23 Houston Florida Arizona
24 Pittsburgh Houston Mississippi
25 Louisville Texas A&M Wisconsin
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