I am worn out. Are you?

We are in the acute stage of this story.  High interest, high impact, “facts” are a loose term and everybody piling on with a predictable mob mentality. Good news – it will die down.  Just because everyone is going crazy doesn’t mean you have to.

The Process

It’s going to be a year before we know anything, likely more.  Nothing we can do to speed it up.  Some things will be true, some false.  It is what it is.  What is my plan?   More cheering, less anxiety.  We have so many blessings being a Louisville fan.  Great kids.  Great coaches. Successful sports across the board with students who back it up in the classroom and community.  I have full control over how this investigation will affect my day.  I have decided to enjoy college sports for the umpteenth straight year in a row.   I promise you this – stressing over it today will not speed the process up tomorrow.  We are a bourbon state, we love basketball, we love football, we love baseball, we love soccer and more – all are available for you to enjoy right now.  Well, maybe stave off the bourbon until after work.

National Media

Oh those people. Famous for reading the hot headlines and making blanket assessments.  We see it every week with the rankings in the AP poll and stories like these are no different. For many it’s lazy journalism, but deadlines are deadlines and this story creates clicks.  We have found out that many aren’t interested in the investigation results.  We have seen many pieces written by people who know very little about Louisville talk as if they were experts. I remind myself – I am close to the program.  They are not.  I don’t need to defend Louisville with someone who knows half as much on the subject.  It wastes my time. What’s most aggravating?  Having TV time for one side of the allegation while the other side has a gag order.  What can you do?  I know – enjoy college sports for the umpteenth year in a row.  You have spent your whole life cheering for Louisville, perhaps going to school there and supporting them through thick and thin.  Keep on Keep’n on. Side note, which is worse, is it thick or thin?  Whatever is worse, that is the one we are supporting them through right now. Ignore the knuckleheads.

Kentucky Fans (not all, just *those*)

They are crawling out from every rock god has placed on this earth.  They are jumping on social media, and they don’t seem to be very supportive.  I AM SHOCKED ABOUT THIS. Don’t let the yapping get you down. Remember this classic growing up, “If your friends told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?”  In regards to the yapping UK fans in your ears, let’s face it, they probably aren’t your friends.  If I am not jumping off the bridge for my friends, I will be damned if I would jump off a bridge for them.  Well look there, I finally got it. My parents will be so proud.  I’ve been fortunate to know many level headed UK fans who understand the situation is serious, but open minded to what the truth will reveal.  Apparently “UKFAN4LIFE” on twitter is not as level headed.  I made that handle up – if it exists, sorry UKFAN4LIFE dude.

Understandably easier said than done but there is one thing you can do during this time to benefit your favorite team.  Cheer like mad for all those kids who have made Louisville their home.

There are many great kids, great teams and great coaches here at Louisville – you might as well enjoy them.  You are allowed to be proud of the program.  You know it best.  The people that run it.  The community it serves.  It doesn’t indict you if a few knuckleheads made mistakes.  Louisville themselves are spending a fortune and working with the police to understand what really happened and how to deal with it. This is our program.  We will get past it.

Through thick and thin y’all.

CrumsRevenge out.

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