Not going to over analyze a terrible opponent, but here are a few brief points.

The Good

  • All players effective 11 deep.  Nobody below a 0.45, which is outstanding.  Overall production has been consistently solid every single game since the UNC loss.  It does appear to me the team is clicking well.  Nothing looks out of synch.


  • SVT, nicknamed “Van Stink” by Matt Jones earlier this week.  Jones was called out by Rex Chapman (love Rex). SVT refuted Jones’s claim finishing as  2nd most productive player on the team “per minute played” vs. FIU.  Nice work “Van Beast”.


  • Jones logged a ton of minutes, which is surprising to me, because Rozier has been playing well, and they have been splitting time.  Jones logged some solid stats, but in 29 minutes of play – he actually finished 9th most productive.  By the way, that is a compliment to the team, because Jones stat line was pretty impressive: 8 points, 6 assists, 5 steals – just like Tick Rogers did it.


  • Mathiang still steadily producing, which is great news.


  • Look out for Behanan…in the past 7 games he is the ONLY player logging a .75 or higher TVT score at least 6 times.  He led the Cards per minute vs. FIU, and closing the gap on the season leader Harrell.  That is damn near a net positive contribution per minute played.  MVP – TVT trajectory.


The Bad

Rebounding:  Louisville only rebounded 32% of their missed shots – the worst of the season.  Our numbers go up if we count Buckles  – but since he plays for FIU now, we can’t.  BOY could we use him in the front court rotation this year.  Kentucky is merciless on the boards – destroying most opponents.  32% O-Reb will spell a loss in Lexington, and it is discouraging that it was our number vs. FIU.




TVT Leader board:  2013/2014

Obnoxiously high averages compared to last season – but last season SOS was significantly tougher, as was the conference – so we will see what happens to number as we slide into our most difficult half of schedule.


TVT  Final Standings: 2012/2013


Go Cards – beat Kentucky.

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