Wisconsin Running Back Isaac Guerendo 6’0, 223 pledged to the Cards on Tuesday afternoon. Isaac has 1 year of eligibility remaining and originally is from Avon, IN. Guerendo pledged to Wisconsin out of the 2018 class and ran for 385 yards on 64 carries and 5 TDs. Isaac also caught 17 passes for 115 yards and a TD while also handling kickoff duties for the Badgers.

Louisville Football In The Portal:


  • Nicaro Harper -> Illinois
  • Trevion Cooley-> Georgia Tech
  • Caleb Banks-> Florida
  • Jalen Mitchell->
  • KJ Cloyd-> removed name, will return to Louisville
  • Max Cabana-> Canadian Prep School
  • Henry Bryant-> Georgia State
  • Zach Edwards ->Troy
  • Luke Kandra -> Cincinnati
  • Rance Conner->
  • Christian Pedersen-> FIU
  • Dorian Jones-> Cincinnati
  • Ben Perry -> removed name, will return to Louisville
  • Mark Vassett ->Colorado
  • Allen Smith ->FAMU
  • Dee Wiggins ->Cincinnati


  • Stephen Herron (Stanford) DE/EDGE -> Louisville
  • Rodney McGraw (Penn St) DE -> Louisville
  • Devin Neal (Baylor) Safety -> Louisville
  • Jadon Thompson (Cincinnati) Wide Receiver-> Louisville
  • Jimmy Calloway (Tennessee) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • Marquis Groves-Killebrew (Texas A&M) Defensive Back -> Louisville
  • Jack Plummer (CAL) Quarterback -> Louisville
  • Kevin Coleman (Jackson State) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • Gilbert Frierson (Miami) Defensive Back -> Louisville
  • Jamari Thrash (Georgia State) Wide Receiver -> Louisville
  • John Paul Flores (Virginia/Dartmouth) OL -> Louisville
  • Isaac Guerendo (Wisconsin) RB -> Louisville


Myles Slusher (Arkansas) Safety -> Louisville -> Colorado

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