• Louisville RPI 39
  • SOS  77
  • Record vs to top 25: 0-3
  • Records vs 26-50: 2-1
  • Record vs 51 and higher:  15-0
  • CrumsRevenge’s team trend:  Loss in NCAA 2nd round. Soely based on the fact that we have gone 0-3 vs. RPI top 25.  Don’t put any stock in this.  Cards are capable of both booms and busts.


Welp.  That stings.

What a second half comeback, but alas – late game execution seems to be a work in progress.  I hate it for these guys.  They were working their butts off.  Trezl was playing through cramps, and turning the assistants way when asked “need to come out for a minute”?  The Crowd was SO HYPED.  Loudest it has been in a long time.

Pitino never stops coaching, teaching, and changing.  I was encouraged by the 17 point comeback.  We have become accustomed of that in years past – but let’s be honest, this team is different.  It was great to see they too could pull this off.  That will help this team in the future.  However, minutes 35-40 have been unkind to the cards.  Players logging heavy minutes can’t help.  Pitino mentioned not blocking out, rotating on D, and fouling their best FT shooter instead of better options.  In the fimal minutes its all about precision, and sometimes a little luck.  The Cards had neither.

What does that sound like to me?  A focus problem. Taking deep breaths as the clock winds down.  We need inch towards Zen Cards.

That can be improved. Hopefully the sting of 2 losses due to late game execution will inspire the team to focus on the coaches game-plan.

Here is the per minute averages for this game, and as you might expect – it is the lowest since Memphis, the last loss.


Cincinnati Per Minute

Cinci Game Observations

Our TOP production/min player scored a (0.60).  Compare that to USF game – LOU had six guys with a score better than (0.60).  I know, UC is good, USF isn’t, but a 0.60 is a “good starting role player” score – no super stars for the game.  Harrell sure as hell had a hot 8 minutes though.  You can see the season chart below to see the drop compared to other games.

21 rebounds?  Even against a large front court UNC we had 35, and against UK’s bigs 33.  21, really?

I can see why Pitino was frustrated with the team fouling Kirkpatrick.  Cinci shot 94.4% from foul line, most by him.

Blackshear only 5 minutes.  Produced well in them, but foul trouble.  Pitino jumped the media for asking about Wayne playing time.  It was  a good question – Wayne has been great.  Angry Pitino wasn’t kind, basically saying Luke was playing well so why bother.  However, Pitino himself mentioned that he wants to try Luke and Wayne together – and in teh second have he didn’t.  So the question might not have been “either-or”, but more so “why not play both together”?


Season Per Minute


On Deck:  Saturday Night, 9pm, UCF, tons of recruits at YUM – let’s show these guys how we do it in the Ville.


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