We’ve all heard it before, what it means to be a “Louisville Man” or a “Louisville Woman”.

It’s a source of pride.  A “Louisville Man” does the right thing.  He’s honest.  He does what he needs to do.  He loves his family, he takes pride in his work, he attempts to make himself better EVERY DAY.  A “Louisville Man” has integrity, he displays his ethics, he is honorable. A “Louisville Man” is not perfect, but he strives to be.

Also being a “Louisville Man” means that when you mess up, you pay up.  Louisville’s fan base is not “Win At All Costs”.  In fact, we are a quite patient as a group….another quality of a “Louisville Man” we don’t live in a microwave society.

As a c/o 2004 University of Louisville College of Business graduate I take a great amount of pride in my school.   Like many of you, I’ve spent a great deal of time, effort, and energy following Cardinal Athletics and supporting the school’s efforts to become one of the nation’s preeminent universities…..and as an alumnus we don’t deserve this.  But sometimes bad things happen, people make bad decisions, people we love sometimes disappoint us.  But we aren’t “Louisville Men” without forgiveness and the ability to evolve & learn.  We’ve been here since 1798 and god-willing we’ll be here another 217 years…..better than ever.

This is our school…….but people work here.  The University of Louisville’s leadership is chosen by us and we’ve selected the best. James Ramsey & Tom Jurich. Neither are Cardinals by birthright or diploma but they’ve built the foundation of success that the Louisville Alumni and community at large have enjoyed at Louisville over the past 13-18 years. They are “Louisville Men” now as they ever were.

Rick Pitino coined the term “One Day Contract” with an emphasis on making every day count….even bad days. It’s important to remain steadfast, together, and with eyes forward on how to make things better. Because that is what a “Louisville Man” does. A “Louisville Man” does not turn his back on other “Louisville Men” in hardship, but there are certainly times when someone can lose the honor of distinction…….but until that time, we remain together.   Who better than to lead Louisville now than Rick Pitino?  A man who knows precisely how to rise from the ashes burned either by his own hand or by the hand of others…….. “A Louisville Man”.

As for the piling on.  This is a tough time for UofL.  News outlets, radio shows, magazines, bloggers, and rival fans will take full opportunity to use this time to take their shots…..justified or for sport.  It’s important as “Louisville Men” to not reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator or to become reactionary in a microwave, headline-driven society.

The University of Louisville has come through a great many of challenges and the principles remain the same.  As ever Louisville Men pay their debts, take their medicine and move forward with honesty, pride and character.

Louisville Athletics, We’re Focused on Ourselves and “We’re Still Miles Ahead.”

Louisville First, Cards Forever.

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@UofLSheriff50. Louisville native, University of Louisville Business School Grad c/o 2004. Co-Founder of TheCrunchZone.com

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