Video: “The Time Is Now”


Louisville Football Promo 2013. Narrated by Paul Rogers.

Louisville Cardinal football fans have seen great moments over the years, but this year could be really special.

Former University of Louisville Head Coach Howard Schnellenberger, highly impressed with Current Louisville Head Coach Charlie Strong’s team, proclaims “The Time Is Now”.

Special thanks to Mark Blankenbaker, and his dad, Mark Blankenbaker, for spending hours filming clips around campus for me to use.

2013 Louisville Football: “The Time Is Now” from @CrumsRevenge on Vimeo.

Clips: ESPN, ABC, WHAS, More (guessing)

Music: Hans Zimmer – “Terraforming”, “Oil Rig”, “Flight”; Thomas Berg = “Immortal”; Daft Punk – “Give Life Back To Music”.

Cover Art: Adam Lucas –

Paul Rogers courtesy of Nelligan Sports Marketing

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