• Obviously nothing is certain until a player is wearing the uniform on the field, but I just wanted to pass along that despite any other information out there I continue to here that Russ Yeast and Aaron Odom are SOLID and will sign with Louisville tomorrow. Again, recruiting is a fluid situation but let’s just say I am very confident in where I am hearing this information from.
  • I reported on Sunday that Jakson Wine, who is committed to Louisville as a preferred walk-on, visited Charlotte this past weekend where he holds a full scholarship offer. Just now via message Jakson said “I sat down with my parents last night and decided that Louisville’s the best place for me.” Rated the #1 kickoff specialist nationally, Jakson will likely factor into the kicking game immediately and is a huge addition for Louisville.
  • 10:55PM Update: Some may be tired of hearing about it but I keep hearing concerns regarding Russ so I wanted to address them. I am very confident, just trust me on this one!
  • Also, regarding Jabreel Stephens. Louisville has been in contact with him and it definitely seems they have room for him. In fact, I have heard a possibility that Louisville can take 25 now due to some roster movement. I still think Louisville is in the drivers seat as of now.
  • 11:40PM Update: Hearing Jabreel Stephens is leaning heavily towards USF right now per a source close to the situation. Unless another major turn of events happens, I don’t think Stephens is part of Louisville’s class tomorrow. I will remove him from the predictions list.
  • An update on Guy Thomas: I am very confident that Thomas will end up picking Louisville tomorrow after talking with a source. Could a decision have already been made? Let’s just say we will be watching this one closely tomorrow!


  • I just wanted to give a brief summary of things heading in to NSD. Overall not too many spots left and very few remaining targets. which I will briefly touch on below. From what I’ve gathered Louisville is still recruiting the defensive line and may be working on a couple guys we will likely not learn the names of until the last minute. They may also hold a scholarship for a late addition. Now on to the final realistic targets..
  • Mekhi Becton: Louisville would love to add the 4-star offensive lineman and I have continued to hear that the staff are very confident they can land him. Virginia Tech appears to be the main competition along with Michigan.
  • Brian Edwards: For a long time now I have felt very confident that Louisville could lure the 4-star DB away from the state of Florida, but recently doubts have crept into my mind. Miami and Florida are going to give Louisville a run for their money. I still like Louisville’s chances but this may end up as a toss-up.
  • Guy Thomas: Louisville hosted Thomas with the mindset that they had a decent chance to flip the 4-star DE from Nebraska. The vibe I get is that the staff came away feeling as though they improved their chances with Thomas. Was it enough? We will have to wait and see.
  • Jabreel Stephens: Despite having recently decommitted from Louisville, Stephens appears to be favoring the Cardinals after a recent visit from Coach Nick Petrino. The staff has been recruiting Stephens hard and per a source appears the likely destination for the Armwood defensive end. One thing to note here is that Stephens may wait until after NSD to decide.


  • Louisville commit Jakson Wine visited Charlotte this past weekend where he holds a full scholarship offer. On if the visit changed any feelings toward his commitment to Louisville, Jakson said “It’s definitely going to make my decision a lot tougher.” He currently has a preferred walk-on offer from Louisville.
  • The only official visitor this past weekend was 4-star DE Guy Thomas. Thomas was said to have “really enjoyed the weekend” and one source indicated that Louisville has “a good shot” at flipping the current Nebraska commit.
  • Toryque Bateman will announce his college decision tomorrow at noon. The 3-star offensive line prospect will choose between Miami, USF, and Louisville. We have heard great things regarding Louisville’s chances here for quite some time. Let’s just say we will be tuned in for this announcement!
  • Mekhi Becton is one of Louisville’s top remaining targets. The 6’7″ 345lbs offensive tackle isn’t giving much info away regarding his recruitment but one source described the staff as “confident” in being able to land the 4-star lineman. If Louisville could land both Bateman and Becton to go along with Rudd, Bentley, and Chandler one would have to feel really good about the future of the offensive line.


  • Sounds like Louisville is going to add another member in the 2017 recruiting class today by way of a preferred walk-on. Expecting news this afternoon. Update: Trinity LB Isaac Martin committed to Louisville, story found HERE.
  • Louisville defensive end commit Aaron Odom was visited at his high school by Mississippi St. coaches today and rumors have been swirling on whether he will end up flipping back to his initial choice of MSU. I was told by a very reputable source today that Odom is “solid” with Louisville. As of now I have no reason to believe he will not be part of this recruiting class for Louisville.
  • Louisville’s recruitment of Jabreel Stephens may not be quite over despite the 3-star defensive end’s decommitment on Tuesday of this week. A source close to the situation said that Louisville assistant coach Nick Petrino visited Stephens’ school for a two hour long visit on Thursday. Along with that, Louisville’s coaches are scheduled to have an in home visit later tonight with Jabreel. The source indicated that Jabreel’s relationship with Coach Nick Petrino is “very strong” and could potentially help land Stephens back with Louisville.


  • I know there continues to be mention of Russ Yeast and Notre Dame. It does sound like Notre Dame is going to make a pitch to flip the 4-star athlete before NSD but the chances of them being able to do so appear to be very low. I have talked with sources with different angles on his commitment and haven’t heard one bit of doubt that he will sign with Louisville next Wednesday. This is not to say it can’t happen, because nothing in recruiting is a definite, but be sure to take some of the reports you hear from other teams with a grain of salt.
  • Louisville appears to be aggressively pursuing another defensive tackle as we approach signing day. Two names two keep an eye on: Elijah Conliffe & Kivon Bennett. Conliffe, a 6’4″ 305lbs 4-star DT confirmed that he will indeed make a visit to Louisville this weekend. Conliffe just finished a trip to Florida this past weekend, who may be the favorite in his recruitment. Despite this I do think Louisville still has a legitimate shot. Bennett, a 4-star DT committed to Tennessee, has been mentioned as a possible Louisville target. At this time we are unsure if he will visit this weekend or what his level of interest may be, but if the Cards can get him on campus I think that would be a huge help.
  • Louisville is now in pursuit of another defensive lineman, this time in 3-star JUCO Larrell Murchison. The 6’4″ 277lbs Ole Miss commit was visited Wednesday by Coach Petrino. Recruited to play the 3-technique, Murchison has been in contact most recently with Georgia, Texas, and Ole Miss. The Louisburg College prospect is undecided at this time if he will take a trip to Louisville this weekend.


  • Sounds like there is a decommitment incoming… (UPDATE: Jabreel Stephens decommitted: http://thecrunchzone.com/breaking-armwood-3-star-olbde-jabreel-stephens-decommits-from-louisville/)
  • 4-star wide receiver and Louisville commit Justin Marshall said he had a “great” visit this past weekend. During the visit he had a chance to sit down with the coaches who went over expectations and plans on how to use the 6’2″ 190lbs prospect.
    “They expect me to come in and play early. They want to use my size and speed to create mismatches with linebackers or smaller DB’s, but playing early is on me to take care of. I have to come in, learn my plays, retain information, and get stronger and faster to make sure that I am one of the best freshman wide receivers in the ACC.”
  • Despite the rumors circulating of Russ Yeast possibly flipping to Notre Dame I continue to hear that he will be a part of Louisville’s class. It’s obviously worth watching, but I have a fairly low level of concern regarding this.


  • I’ll be posting some feedback from commits on their official visits this weekend so stay tuned!
    • LS Mitch Hall: “It’s was crazy, I had one heck of a time. Proud to be able to call that home in a week when I sign.”
    • Dorian Etheridge said he had a ‘great’ visit and plans to attend the spring game.
    • Rodney Owens: “It was fun, I had a good time”. He said he is 100% committed and will arrive on campus May 30th.
  • I’m hearing that 4-star DT Elijah Conliffe is expected to visit Louisville next weekend and that the Cardinals have a “decent” shot at the 6’4″ 305 pounder. He was on our “recruits to watch” board at one time and has been added back. From all indications Louisville is definitely trying to land another defensive tackle in the 2017 class.
  • I wanted to take a second to address the Jeff Thomas situation many of you all have asked about. As has been reported, Thomas visited Miami this weekend, and most seem to feel that Miami is the heavy favorite. There are a couple interesting bits of info regarding his recruitment: #1. There has been no mention of Thomas by those surrounding the program, and usually we would get some sort of indication if someone is no longer an option. This has not happened. #2. I have heard several unconfirmed reports that Thomas will visit Louisville this upcoming weekend. I expect we may not know anything further until he shows up on campus (IF in fact he does show). #3. Wide receiver Mike Harley decommitted from West Virginia today. Harley is a flat out stud at wide receiver and he is listed at 5’10” 170lbs (same as Thomas). Harley appears to be Miami bound, will this deter Thomas at all? It’s at least something to consider.


  • With the recent addition of Coach Sirmon from Mississippi St. and defensive end Aaron Odom (former Mississippi St. commitment) it appears to have positioned Louisville quite well for 2018 4-star wide receiver and Mississippi St. commit Malik Heath. I am hearing that Louisville may be the favorite now to land him even though he is still committed to the Bulldogs. The 6’3″ 195lbs receiver attends Callaway high school in Jackson, MS, the same as current Louisville commit Aaron Odom.
  • Regarding Louisville commit Russ Yeast visiting Notre Dame this weekend: I asked one current Louisville commit if he thought Louisville may lose the 4-star DB to the Fighting Irish. The answer? “Not at all”.


  • Hearing very positive things regarding current Mississippi St. DE commit Aaron Odom. Could a flip to Louisville be imminent? We are watching closely!


  • Louisville assistant coach Cort Dennison had an in home visit with Nebraska DE commit Guy Thomas last night. It sounds like the visit went well and that Louisville “has a chance” to land the 4-star. He is expected to visit Louisville the last weekend before NSD (January 27th-29th).


  • An update regarding the potential decommit situation. As is with recruiting there are a lot of factors (college coaches, high school coaches, family, and of course the kids themselves) involved in the decision, and not necessarily in a bad way as is sometimes assumed. The source indicated there is a lot of uncertainty involving what may end up coming of this. Unfortunately at this time I am unable to say one way or another what will happen or when it will happen, but I will keep you all as updated as possible!
  • Regarding the uncommitted recruits who visited this past weekend, I am hearing very good things on both Brian Edwards and Mekhi Becton. My level of confidence in the Aaron Odom prediction continues to grow as well. One source close to the situation indicated that the staff believes they are firmly in position to land all 3.
  • It sounds as though Louisville’s coaches will visit 4-star DE and current Nebraska commit Guy Thomas tonight. He would be an excellent addition to the class of 2017 and one we will continue to monitor.


  • We have already had the commitment of Caleb Chandler and am hearing good things about others possibly joining the class as well, but it sounds as though there may be some fallout from losing defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. I would expect to hear something later tonight.
    Update: It sounds as though the staff has been notified but I wouldn’t expect an official announcement until tomorrow morning at the earliest.


  • While the majority of expected recruits made it to campus this week it appears one that is definitely not coming now is DE Tre Lawson, as it appears he chose to visit Florida St. instead. While I will leave him on our recruits to be watching list, I am anticipating that I won’t leave him there very long.
  • One more recruit that appears to have not made it to campus is WR Jeff Thomas. There is still a chance he does arrive and will update this if things change, but I have heard from several sources they do not believe he made it to campus.
    Update: A source stated that Jeff Thomas was unable to fly out of St. Louis this morning due to ice. Uncertain at this time of if he will be able to make it or reschedule visit. I will keep you updated.


  • With no time to waste Louisville’s coaches have hit the road recruiting again. One visit in particular was by assistant coach Cort Dennison to one of the top remaining targets, Brian Edwards this morning. It sounds like the visit went well and with Edwards expected on campus this weekend, Louisville would love to secure a commitment from the 4-star DB.
  • Another name to keep an eye on over the next few weeks is 4-star safety Kaleb Oliver. Oliver re-opened his commitment up yesterday from Mississippi St. after defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon left Miss. St. for Louisville. I would imagine Louisville will add only 1 more defensive back and if they miss on Edwards, Oliver could become their primary target.


  • Regarding new defensive coordinator Peter Sirmon, I heard from one uncommitted prospect who had been recruited by him that he is “a real good guy” and that people will love his personality. As far as recruiting, the prospect said “If he wants you, he’s gonna fight for you”. He also mentioned that Sirmon is “someone that the players will enjoy and love’.


  • I had heard for quite a while that Louisville was in great position to land 4-star JUCO LB Gary Johnson but recently it seems that may have changed. I am not sure if the numbers wouldn’t have worked out to take him or if other schools were just higher on his list than Louisville. Regardless, as of now no official visit is planned and unless something changes it does not appear he is a likely addition to the class.
  • I am removing DT target Tyrone Truesdell from the recruits to watch list. There was talk of him visiting soon but that seems like it isn’t going to happen. It appears Louisville has backed off of recruiting him, presumably due to limited spots remaining in the class.


  • I have removed 4-star OT Kadeem Telfort from our watch list as he announced yesterday he had officially enrolled at Florida. Louisville did a great job with recruiting him and from what I had heard it sounded like he legitimately wanted to come here but it wasn’t enough to overcome other factors.
  • Closing in on NSD and there are very few spots left in the class. I don’t keep track of exact numbers just because of variables  involved. They can only take so many before current commits would have to be replaced and that we will just have to let play out. I can say that Louisville wants to take at least 4 if not 5 offensive lineman in this class. The 3 top targets to watch would be Caleb Chandler, Toryque Bateman, and Jordan Tucker. Could they get all 3? Certainly possible. I have predicted Chandler and Bateman to Louisville as of now based on what I have been hearing. Add any of those 3 to Bentley and Rudd and you have an incredibly talented offensive line class.
  • As far as the rest of the class, Louisville is still pursuing AJ Davis and Gary Johnson at both running back and linebacker respectively. If they miss on either I would venture to say they won’t take another at either position this year (unless a major target comes along late). If they could manage to land WR Jeff Thomas I think Louisville takes 4 WR’s. I also expect Louisville to take 1-2 more defensive lineman. Other than that it would have to be an “upgrade” at a position.


  • We are keeping an eye on 4-star offensive lineman and current Florida commit Kadeem Telfort. Telfort is set to enroll early meaning a decision will have to be made shortly. From what I can tell he has gone back and forth several times with the last info I received saying Louisville was “gaining steam” a couple weeks back. If Louisville can land Telfort it would be a major addition to an offensive line needing an infusion of talent.
  • Another name we have heard mentioned recently, WR Jeff Thomas is also one we are watching. The 4-star was MVP of the Under Armour All American Game this past weekend with 148 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. According to a couple current commits Thomas is very interested in Louisville. There has been some talk of whether Thomas will qualify academically so that is also something to watch.
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